Friday, December 15, 2017

Minecraft Toys Ender Dragon Overworld Saddle Pack Alex Survival Skeleton...

Check out these all-new Minecraft Toys!   The collection includes:

1. Minecraft Ender Dragon

2. Minecraft Overworld Saddle Pack

3. Minecraft Alex Skeleton Horse

4. Minecraft Alex Survival Pack

5. Minecraft Charged Creeper

6. Minecraft Alex in Diamond Armor

All are inspired by the game, with iconic Minecraft details!  Perfect for every Minecraft fan!

Friday, November 10, 2017

WePlay Wavy Tactile Path for Balance Coordination Perception Development

Inspired by country roads, the WePlay Wavy Tactile Path are stepping pieces that can be used to create either straight or winding routes. Each set comes with 8 connecting stepping pieces in a carry-on bag.  There are 2 patterns in a set, 4 pieces for each pattern. The wavy slopes with tactile patterns and textures are designed based on the ergonomics of the foot arch, and thus good for balance, movement coordination and tactile perception. The protruding patterns and textures on the top stimulate kids feet and help physical development.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

12 PJ Masks Blind Bags SERIES 2 Secret Codes - Complete Set

Your favorite PJ Masks Blind Bag Collectible figures are back now with a new series, Series 2!  Collect all 12 characters!  Each bag comes with a code so you don't get any doubles! Here are the codes!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thomas and Friends SUPER STATION GIANT - holds over 100 engines!

GIANT Thomas & Friends Super Station.

Play with all types of Thomas and Friends engines in one set!  Watch how this Thomas and Friends Super Station works with Thomas & Friends Adventures, TrackMaster, MINIS and Wooden Railway engines!  Holding over 100 engines, the Super Station comes with a real-working turntable with stop track lever, a helipad for Harold, and a real-working Cranky the Crane!  Change the layout to fit any space, including a flat layout, racetrack and compact one. Connect to other track sets with the included adapter pieces to for bigger and multiple layouts!

3 Thomas & Friends Journey Beyond Sodor TrackMaster Steelworks Hurricane...

Meet the newest characters in the latest Thomas and Friends movie Journey Beyond Sodor!  There's Steelworks Thomas, Steelworks Hurricane and Merlin the Invisible!

Steelworks Thomas -  includes two cargo cars, removable I-beam cargo, and features unique soot-covered designs on his face, cab, and tank

Steelworks Hurricane - with a distinct look, comes with two cargo cars, each with a cauldron of molten steel that rocks back and forth as the cars move forward!

Merlin the Invisible - with a distinct, shiny exterior,  also comes with two cargo cars – one coal bin and a machinery car with gears and a piston.  When the car moves forward, the gears turn and the piston pumps!

Thomas and Friends JOURNEY BEYOND SODOR Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape Set Motorized

Relive the excitement of the Scrapyard with this Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Motorized Railway Scrapyard Escape Set, based on the movie Journey Beyond Sodor!  Thomas goes up towards the moss-covered ledge, and just when it looks like he can't go any further, the cables drop to provide a safe crossing! He enters the Scrapyard shack, where a large machine cog falls into his cargo car. He speeds forward, but there's a gap in the tracks! At the final moment, a ramp shoots out from beneath the shack so Thomas and get down!  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tomica World Byun Byun Circuit Race Track トミカ びゅんびゅんサーキット Takara Tomy ||...

Race your cars with the Tomica World Byun Byun Circuit Race Track!  It's a 2-lane oval race track that's over 5 feet long!  It comes with 2 sets of powerful motorized rollers that push your cars forward at high speeds!  It also makes exciting racing sounds such as a starting signal, cheers from the crowd, and vroom vroom (byun byun) engine sounds!   Push the buttons to make a pit stop, refuel and get back into the race!   Change course from the inner lane to the outer lane or vice versa. Use the built-in entrance and exit ramps!  Combine it with the Tomica World Byun Byun Big Tower Circuit for a larger and more exciting track!

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