HOT WHEELS CITY Octopus Pier Attack 2018/2019 Racing Set || Keith's Toy Box

It's peril at the pier! A giant octopus launches your car through the waves and into the lighthouse before it tumbles. Connects directly to other Hot Wheels' City sets or use City Track packs or orange track for even more fun. Includes 1 Hot Wheels' vehicle. Each exciting set provides storytelling play as kids play the hero and use their Hot Wheels® cars to battle and stunt to save the day. Battle the alligator hiding in the Gator Garage Attack™ Play Set, defeat the bat hiding in the abandoned house, and don't get caught by the swinging spider in the park! Down at the dock you'll have to escape the tentacles of the giant octopus and beware the giant scorpion's sting at the drive-thru restaurant! Each of these 5 Hot Wheels™ City sets connects to other Hot Wheels™ City sets and is compatible with orange track, too. Includes one Hot Wheels® vehicle. #HotWheels #HotWheelsCity #HotWheelsOctopus Click here to watch more awesome Hot Wheels Sets: Hot Wheels City Cobra Crush Playset: Hot Wheels City Super Spin Tire Shop Hot Wheels Snake Smasher Hot Wheels Color Shifter Bubble-Matic Car Wash Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mighty Minis Showdown Stadium