Kids Look for Treasure in Treasure X : King's Gold - Hunter and Mystical Beast

The boys dig for treasure in Treasure X : King's Gold. Will they find gold or will they find a trap? Which Hunter and Mystical Beast will they discover? The search for Real Gold Dipped Treasure continues in Treasure X King's Gold! Smash, Dig, Unwrap and discover each of the new reveal experiences including a new smash layer and reusable magic rock! Begin the quest by finding the shield then remove the lid of the tomb. Use the included tool to smash through the wood to the magic rock underneath! Inside you'll find a Treasure Hunter figurine, weapon, treasure chest and key! Use the key to open the chest and discover the treasure but make sure you look out for the traps as a critter may jump out at you! In every pack there's a chance to find real gold dipped treasure! With 24 new Treasure Hunters to collect including an all new special feature light up character, there's a new unboxing adventure to be found in every pack! Subscribe to us for more videos : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram :