PLAYMOBIL SPACE : Mars Mission Playsets Space Station, Rover and Rocket

We're checking out the new Playmobil Space - Mars Mission playsets with : PLAYMOBIL Mars Space Station (9487) Venture into undiscovered worlds with the Mars space station! Equipped with all the tools needed for space exploration, The station is ready for a successful mission! Thanks to the functioning lights beneath the central hub, astronauts can easily find their way back to base. Then, enter the illuminated station interior via the front ramp and through the secure rotating hatch. Once inside, astronauts can enter the central command space, from which all missions are monitored, or choose one of the modules, equipped with everything from sleeping compartments for the crew to a lab for analyzing samples. The two free docking stations allow the crew to connect external equipment, such as the Mission rocket with launch site and the satellite meteoroid laser (#9488 and #9490 – each sold separately). during their down time, The astronauts can keep in shape with the station's fitness equipment. To access the interior, pull off the station's removable roof and get hands on with all aspects of the mission. The movable laser gun helps protect against unknown elements, while the alarm lights and sound warn against any threats. Other sound effects, including radio contact, jet propulsion, and background space noises, add to the fun and bring the mission to life (2 x AAA batteries required)! and, what would space adventures be without a trusty robot to guide you? The included robot may be a machine, but watch out for all its different faces. Turning its eyes will change its facial expression. PLAYMOBIL Mission Rocket with Launch Site (9488) Get the rocket space-ready with this playset! Outfitted with working lights and sounds, This Rocket is ready to journey into space. Help the crew tune up and check everything via the maintenance platform! Seat up to two astronauts in the rocket’s cockpit, where they can steer the vessel towards Mars. When they arrive on the red Planet, kids can operate the transport container and space capsule separate from the rocket and dock them into the Mars space station (#9487 – sold separately). The rocket’s functioning lights and sound effects, including a countdown, thrusters, and space communication, bring the space action to life (2 x AA batteries required). This set can also be combined with the satellite meteoroid laser (#9490. – sold separately) for added fun! PLAYMOBIL Astronaut and Robot Duo Pack (9492) PLAYMOBIL Mars Research Vehicle (9489) Examine the planets surface with the Mars research vehicle! Thanks to the removable roof, kids can access the vehicle’s interior and seat up to four adult figures. Figures can also enter and exit via the side hatch with ramp. The vehicle’s movable arm can handle any challenge Thanks to its three different attachments: a claw gripper for collecting blue crystal samples, a drill for digging into the red soil, and a laser gun for protection. Kids can really bring the fun to life thanks to the functioning lights and sound effects. PLAYMOBIL Mars Rover (9491) #Playmobil #PlaymobilSpace #MarsMission #freeproduct