Scorpion Attacks Hot Wheels City : Hot Wheels City Scorpion Drive-In Attack

Hot Wheels City Scorpion Drive-In Attack - Fuel kids' imagination with this assortment of kid-favorite sets featuring dinosaurs! Kids can use their Hot Wheels cars to stunt, race and create adventurous battles. Each exciting set provides storytelling play based on heroic action and skill to save the day. Escape the flying pterodactyl at the airport. Race past the stegosaurus at the amusement park and beware the hungry T-Rex hiding in the grocery store. Each of these Hot Wheels City sets connect to other Hot Wheels City sets and is compatible with orange track, too. #HotWheelsCity #HotWheels #HotWheelsCityCollection Hot Wheels City Ptero-Port Attack : Dinosaurs Attacking Hot Wheels City More Hot Wheels Cars and Tracks Subscribe to us for more videos : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram :