Making Robots Out of Junk | New Toys from Hexbug

We're trying out the new Junk Bots from Hexbug! These surprise toys let you build robots out of junk and spare parts! You'll mever know what random parts you'll get! Thanks to Hexbug for sending these to us! #JunkBots #Hexbug The Junk Is Alive In A New Unboxing Experience From HEXBUG! These alien powered toys for kids bring out the creative side of girls and boys in a brand new, astonishing unboxing experience. Laugh out loud (LOL) and surprise your friends when you open each new HEXBUG JUNKBOTS series trash can or dumpster. You never know what parts you'll get to build your own motorized figure or static robotic model. A great gift for birthdays and holidays - Get kids a break from video games and begin the latest creative construction experience from old and new parts! For kids, these playsets can be combined for play making your own characters and adventures. The fun is only limited by imagination when crafting these mini models, dolls and heroes. HEXBUG JunkBots Large Dumpster Assortment The junk is alive! Summoned to life through ‘alien radiation’, 36 collectible JUNKBOTS are waiting to be unearthed from their unique trash cans. In this ultimate unboxing experience, dig through junk to reveal hidden treasures and clues to build your own JUNKBOTS! Inside this special Large Dumpster pack are over 50 pieces that can be used to build four separate JUNKBOT characters, or mix and match pieces to customize totally new builds using the universal socket system! Animate your bots either with a motor or dynamic vibrations, and light-up energy cores. The more you collect, the more you can create! Who is HEXBUG? HEXBUG is a brand of tech toys for kids with roots in creating innovative children's toys based around insects. Now, HEXBUG has a range of entertaining kids toys and other creative products to help aspiring children cultivate a love for STEM and STEM products. Subscribe to us for more videos : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram :


  1. I want to ask if the toy JUNK BOTS is available in the Philippines?

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