Monster Truck RC Walks on Water! - Monster Jam Megalodon Storm

Thanks to @Spin Master for sending over this Monster Jam Megalodon Strom RC Monster Truck. This remote-controlled toy truck can drive over anything - snow, mud, grass and even water! Take control of Monster Jam’s Megalodon with the official Megalodon STORM RC! Featuring a water-resistant body and lightweight custom tires, this powerful 1:15 scale Monster Jam monster truck can really drive on water, switch to land and keep on going! Conquer snow, mud, rocks, grass and more! Race left and right, drive forward and reverse with the easy-to-use remote control. Megalodon STORM’s authentic design and official BKT tires make it feel like you’re driving the real thing! Turn your world into a Monster Jam arena with the Megalodon STORM RC! #MonsterJam #MonsterTruck #RC Subscribe to us for more videos : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram :