NINJA BOTS - Fighting Ninja Robots

Thanks to @Spin Master for sending us this toy for free. Experience wacky, over-the-top battles with Ninja Bots, hilarious interactive battling robots! Every Ninja Bot has a different name and look, its own set of silly weapons, and a unique personality that comes to life with over 100 sounds and movements! This Double Pack includes two Ninja Bots (Red Dragon and Black Tiger), six weapons, two battle shields and two training targets. Arm your Ninja Bots with your favorite weapons: a hammer, nun chucks, boot on a rope, spatula and more! Weapon recognition allows each Ninja Bot to respond with different sounds and phrases depending on the weapon. Choose the spatula to hear your Ninja Bot exclaim “It’s grilling time!” and make slapping sounds! Equipped with IR sensors, it’s up to you to train your Ninja Bots with hand gestures to become better fighters and level up four belts, from white to black belt! As you level up, your Ninja Bot’s LED eyes will change color to match your belt level. When your Ninja Bots are trained and ready to face-off, select your favorite battle style. There are 14 different battle styles – unlock them as you go! Place your Ninja Bots in front of one another, lift the battle shield and watch the hilarity ensue – the Ninja Bots will battle each other with unique sounds and actions until one gets knocked down and cries in defeat and the winner does a comical victory dance. #NinjaBots #SpinMaster #Robots Subscribe to us for more videos : Follow us on Twitter : Follow us on Instagram :