The Lakeshore Spiral Art Design Center Ideas with FREE Design Guide by Keith's Toy Box


If you loved drawing spirographs as a child, the Lakeshore Spiral Art Design Center is a fun way to introduce spiral art to your kids!  Unlike the regular spirograph which might be a bit hard for kids to use,  this set is actually easy for kids to use and draw beautiful spiral art right away!  

In this video we'll unbox it and demonstrate how you can draw amazing spiral art designs right away!  It comes with all the pieces you need including 12 designers, 2 guides, a 4-color pen and 20 sheets of paper, all securely stored in a handy carrying case.   Each combination of designer and guide results in a unique pattern, and with several holes in each designer and a 4-color pen, the possibilities are endless!  

For a complete list of all the patterns you can make you can download our free DESIGN GUIDE, put together specially for the Lakeshore Spiral Art Design Center here, exclusively from Keith's Toy Box.  It also shows you how you can draw amazing design ideas and recreate them as shown in our video!  

Download our free Spiral Art Design Guide here and let us know what you think!