WePlay Wavy Tactile Path for Balance Coordination Perception Development

Inspired by country roads, the WePlay Wavy Tactile Path are stepping pieces that can be used to create either straight or winding routes. Each set comes with 8 connecting stepping pieces in a carry-on bag.  There are 2 patterns in a set, 4 pieces for each pattern. The wavy slopes with tactile patterns and textures are designed based on the ergonomics of the foot arch, and thus good for balance, movement coordination and tactile perception. The protruding patterns and textures on the top stimulate kids feet and help physical development.

WePlay Wavy Tactile Paths can also be used outdoors on grass or in playrooms and playgrounds.

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Kids We Love Therapy Center is a special needs therapy center serving dozens of children and their families, offering a diverse blend of services taught by highly educated and motivated therapists.

Kids We Love uses and offers educational toys from local and international brands, such as WePlay, Toobaloo, and Pencil Grips. We have manipulatives (sensory stimulating toys) and therapy equipment you can use with your child at home. Their toys train a variety of skills: cognitive ability, motor/tactile skills, balance and coordination, problem solving and critical thinking, life and study skills, auditory skills, visual coordination, and more.

Weplay develops systematic products according to children's holistic needs, ranging over visual-auditory-tactile perception, motor skills, balance coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play. Made in Taiwan based on Universal Design, Weplay products help children grow up happily and healthily. Their design concepts is to bring cultural and natural elements into Weplay products, and therefore children can enjoy outdoor ambiance indoor. A limited place becomes unlimited space when children are having fun with Weplay range. There are also designs for children with special needs.  Either for institutional or household uses, Weplay enriches children's situational activities and creative thinking. With excellent quality, multi-functions and high play value, Weplay belongs to worldwide children. Experience Weplay uniqueness here: http://www.weplay.com.tw


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