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The Mountain Rescue team was introduced to the ROBOCAR POLI series in Season 4 and is composed of Mark, Bucky and Carey. Carey is the aircraft carrier that transports the Mountain Rescue Team to their site. They join Poli, Roy, Amber and Heli in rescue missions on Broomstown. This is the Silverlit Carey Carrier toy with Lights and Sounds. #RobocarPoli #MountainRescueTeam Available at Amazon: A Robocar Poli unboxing, demo and review by Keith's Toy Box. Watch more Robocar Poli videos here: 4 in 1 Giant Robocar Poli Track Set 12 Robocar Poli Robot Vehicles Mini and Transforming Watch Robocar Poli Blind Bags Collection here: Watch Roboar Poli Transforming Headquarters here: Robocar Poli (Hangul: 로보카 폴리; RR: Ro-bo-ka Polli) is a South Korean animated children's television series created by RoiVisual. The series released its first episode on Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) in 2011, and has aired for four seasons. Robocar Poli currently consists of 104 eleven-minute episodes. In Brooms Town, a small town with a capable rescue team, there are always accidents such as a car sliding off a cliff in the rain, a car crash, or a child locked in a firehouse. In every episode, the town's rescue team saves characters from trouble. At the end of each episode, the rescue team strongly advises the characters who are in danger and viewing children. The rescue team conssist of Poli, Roy, Amber and Helly. Poli is a robotic blue-and-white police car that can transform into a robot. He is always faithful to his police duties, keeping the safety of town's roads and protecting lives and property. Jin is the rescue team's human member. She is described as a genius inventor. Helly is a robotic helicopter in greens, blues and white, he flies over town to look for problems and helps the team with ideas and a drill. Amber is a robotic ambulance van in reds, pinks and white. She is kind, warm-hearted, and supports rescue missions, giving a diagnosis and first aid to accident vehicles and characters. Roy is a robotic red-and-yellow fire truck. He is the strongest member of the rescue team and is in charge of inspecting safety accidents, extinguishing fire and rescuing. Robocar Poli is also known as the following in other countries: Korea: (Hangul: 로보카 폴리; RR: Ro-bo-ka Polli), 폴총리 (Pol-chong-ri) which means "Poli, the Minister of Children" The characters are known as: Poli - 폴리 Roy - 로이 Amber - 엠버 Helly - 헬리 ========================================= A toy review by Keith's Toy Box, a magical bottomless toy box that reveals a new surprise toy everyday! Enjoy kid-friendly videos for babies, infants, toddlers, pre-school and primary school children. Watch unboxing, exciting demos, in slow motion, and time lapse, and play with these tried and tested toys from Hot Wheels, Thomas, Chuggington, Mega Bloks, Lego, Duplo, to Takara, Tomy, Tomica, Plarail, Disney Toys, Pixar Disney Cars, and Sesame Street! Great toy reviews for toy collectors young and old alike.