Egg Surprise Philippines : Disney Pixar Cars, Toy Surprise at Metro Supermarket

Egg Surprise Philippines : Disney Pixar Cars, Toy Surprise
Egg Surprise Philippines : Disney Pixar Cars, Toy Surprise
Egg Surprise videos are a huge hit with kids these days.  They can spend hours and hours a day watching endless plastic eggs being unwrapped with small toy surprises inside.  As some put it, it's like Christmas everyday for kids as they anticipate finding out what's inside the surprise eggs.  Popular YouTube channels include Fun Toyz Collector (formerly, DC Collector and Disney Collector) and Blu Collection.

We've been searching for some time where to find these egg surprise candies, but they don't seem to be widely available.  The only sellers we find are the ones in OLX, and they seem a bit overpriced at P150/ egg.  The major supermarkets like SM, Robinson's and Rustan's don't carry them.  The closest thing they sell is Kinder Joy, which come with generic toys, unlike the videos which carry labels like Disney Frozen, Hot Wheels, Disney Pixar Cars, Disney Planes, and pretty much any other children's character you can think of.  The popular brands for these surprise eggs seem to be Zaini and Kinder Surprise (which is a little different from Kinder Joy).

Egg Surprise Philippines, Kinder Joy
Kinder Joy.  Comes with chocolate and generic toys, available in most supermarkets and convenience stores.

Last week, I happened to be in Market! Market! and decided to check out Metro Supermarket.  Lo and behold, there was a rack at the corner with surprise eggs!  Available characters were Disney Pixar Cars, Disney Princess and Adventure Time.  The surprise eggs are made by Bon Bon Buddies, and they cost P 40 each, and comes with the plastic egg container, a pack of small candies, a surprise toy, and a few stickers.  The toys are small plastic ones that look and feel real cheap (like whistles, pendants and the sort), but for kids, it's all about the anticipation and unwrapping of the plastic eggs.

We still can't find Kinder Surprise or Zaini eggs being sold locally (except for the online sellers) so these will do for now.  If you know where to find them, let us know in the comments! :)