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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Toy Shopping in Tokyo, Japan - Part 1 : Tomica Shop

We went toy shopping in Tokyo Japan recently, and what best to buy in Japan but Japanese branded toys!  One of the mainstream brands of toys, of course, is Takara Tomy - the makers of the Tomica and Plarail lines.

Train stations in Tokyo feature some of the most interesting malls with all kinds of shops and restaurants. One of these malls is First Avenue in Tokyo Station.  This malls has lots of specialty shops including the Pokemon Store, Tomica Shop, Plarail Shop, Ultraman World, Tamagotchi Store, Hello Kitty Shop and a whole lot of others.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Disney Pixar Cars Imaginext Mack Hauler Launcher Lightning McQueen 2 Pack - Unboxing

Jump start your race with the Cars 2 Fisher-Price Imaginext Disney Pixar Cars 2 Vehicles 2-Pack - Mack Hauler Launcher and Lightning McQueen! Just Place McQueen inside Mack Hauler, lift the top half of the trailer and watch McQueen zoom out!   An awesome addition to your Cars toys that will make racing fun!

Available in Amazon here:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Egg Surprise by Zaini Now Available at Toys R Us

Egg Surprise chocolates by Zaini are finally available in the Philippines!  It took a while for these insanely addictive chocolates to be widely available in Manila, but they're now here - and at a very good price!  P199 gets you a pack of 3 eggs already.

Zaini Egg Surprise now available in the Philippines
Zaini Egg Surprise now available in the Philippines

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lego Shell Ferrari 250 GTO 2014 V Power Collection 40192 - Unboxing

Ready, set, build the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO with the LEGO Shell V Power 2014 Collection. It boasts of the most compact pull-back motor designed by LEGO, allowing it to go as far 2 meters in a single pull!   The 250 GTO is one of the rarest Ferrari models in the world, with only 39 ever made. Collect all models in the series!

Lego Shell Ferrari F12berlinetta 2014 V Power Collection 40191 - Unboxing

Ready, set, build your own Ferrari f12berlinetta!  This is part of the Limited Edition Lego Shell V-Power Collection in 2014 and features one of the most compact pull back motors ever designed by LEGO, allowing it to go as far as 2 meters on a single pull-

-44 bricks are used in this model

-for ages 6 and uip

-Debuted in 2012, the F12berlinetta is powered by a 730 BHP naturally aspirated V12, and was Ferrari’s fastest ever road car.

Lego Shell 2014 V Power Collection Ferrari F12 berlinetta, 250 GTO, F138, 512 S 40190 40191 40192 40

Ready, set, build with the complete set of 7 2014 Shell V-Power Lego Collection!  Created in collaboration with Ferrari and LEGO, the Shell V-Power LEGO Collection introduced six new exciting models in 2014. The collection was available only at Shell Stations and includes four iconic Ferrari cars that boast of the most compact pull-back motor designed by LEGO, allowing them to go as far 2 meters in a single pull!  It also includes a Finish Line and Podium with a Scuderia Ferrari Engineer LEGO Minifigure, and a Shell Station modelled after the one at Fiorano circuit, Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack in Maranello, with a Shell Scientist LEGO Minifigure.  Finally, there is a Shell Tanker modeled after the classic tanker.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lego City Tow Truck 60056 - Unboxing Demo Review

When the biggest trucks in LEGO® City break down, it’s time to call in the heavy-duty Tow Truck! Lower the crane arm, attach the working winch and grab the stricken vehicle to secure it. There’s just time for a quick clean up with the broom, then jump the driver back in the driving seat and tow the vehicle away for repair. With the awesome Tow Truck, the LEGO® City traffic will always keep moving! Includes a driver minifigure with assorted accessories.

Tomica Handy 3D Map w Train and Bus Station Tomy w Lightning McQueen - Unboxing

Create stories in your own little 3D Town with the Tomica Handy 3D Map with Train and Bus Station!  This little town is fully loaded with a railroad, a bus station, shops and buildings!  It also comes with 1 Die Cast Bus, a garage, and storage.  Plus it folds up neatly so you can take it with you!

Lego Juniors Garbage Truck 10680 Easy to Build - Unboxing Demo Review

Tidy up the city with this LEGO JUNIORS Easy to Build Garbage Truck!  It comes with a dumpster so you’ll be ready to go in no time at all! Help the workers empty the garbage into the dumpster, load it onto the truck and tip all the garbage in! Then sweep the roads to keep them clean and tidy!  10680  99 pieces, for ages 4-7

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Bubble-Matic Car Wash - Unboxing Demo Review

Transform your car's color and wash it clean with the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Bubble-Matic Car Wash!  Watch them transform color in the warm water Dunk tank, then change color again in the ice-cold Bubble Platform!  Comes with a motorized bubble station for good clean fun - and tons of bubbles!

Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mighty Minis Showdown Stadium - Unboxing Demo Review

Perform stunts in your own monster truck stadium with the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mighty Minis Showdown Stadium!   With ramps and tracks, you can play solo or multi-player!  Try out the  spin-out zone, burst-through screen, giant launch ramp, pop-up flames, and champion pedestal for some monster mayhem!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tomica Happy Parking Joy Takara Tomy 歡樂停車場 w Disney Cars Lightning McQue...

Send your cars up a real working elevator to the top of a 2-level parking with the Tomica Happy Parking playset!  Turn the dial to bring the elevator up, park your car, then let it slide down the fun ramp!   Park up to 4 cars! Comes with 1 car, no batteries needed!

- real working elevator to bring the car to the 2nd level

- slide down the fun ramp!

- parks up to 4 cars (3 on 2nd level, 1 on 1st level)

- comes with 1 car (Toyota Camry)

- batteries not required!

Super 3 in 1 Tomica Highway + Parking Building + Mountain Drive - 6 feet...

Race in the ultimate giant super 3 in 1 playset made of these 3 favorites:

1. Tomica World Highway Busy Drive  Pursuit

2. Super Auto Tomica Parking Garage Building

3. Tomica World Mountain Drive

Combined set is over 6 feet long!  Sets can be connected using the connectors that come with the individual playsets.  

Tomica Highway Busy Drive Pursuit Playset Takara Tomy 高速道路 にぎやかドライブ - U...

Send your cars speeding down a two-lane highway with the Tomica Highway Busy Drive Playset from Takara Tomy.   Two motorized ramps will send them racing, including a fast lane!  Park up to 5 cars in the service area, and grab some refreshments at the restaurant and service corner!

Tomica Mountain Drive Playset Takara Tomy トミカ峠 やまみちドライブ - Unboxing Demo ...

Drive up a mountain and swerve down exciting turns with the Tomica Mountain Drive Playset from Takara Tomy.  Race down the mountain through a tunnel, over a bridge and back down the parking lot and stop--over.  Connect it to the Tomica Parking Building Garage Building and the Highway Playset for more fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hot Wheels KidPicks Zero G Drop Force Track Set Slow Mo Unboxing Dem...

Race in the ultimate track challenge!  This hypersonic Hot Wheels Zero G DROP FORCE Track Set is loaded with extreme stunts, amazing spins and explosive crashes!  Comes with a motorized booster for high-speed racing.  Choose between 2 challenging paths and crash to trigger a meteor explosion!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tomica Town Takara Tomy Honda Cars - Unboxing Demo Review

Display, sell and repair cars in your own showroom with the Tomica Town Honda Cars Playset by Takara Tomy.   This playset comes with a real working rotating car display, sliding glass doors, and car launchers.  It has a garage, sales office, and Honda salesman figure.     Tomica cars are not included.  Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lego Disney Pixar Cars 2 Francesco Bernoulli 9478 Knock off Bela - Unboxing and Review

Build Disney® Pixar® Cars 2™ star Francesco Bernoulli and recreate the World Grand Prix race in speedy style! Francesco Bernoulli is getting in some last-minute practice at the Porto Corsa race track. He knows it like the back of his tires and can’t wait to lift the trophy at the next stage of the World Grand Prix. Help him to prepare for speedy victory!

- Features Disney® Pixar® Cars 2™ film star Francesco Bernoulli

- Accessories include race flag and race barrier

- Includes 49 pieces

- Prepare to be the star of the race with Francesco Bernoulli!

Disney Planes Die Cast Bulldog Unboxing Demo Review

Soar through the skies with the Disney Planes Diecast Bulldog!  Bulldog is the British racer in the Wings around the Globe rally. He's Dusty competitor who later becomes his friend.   Bulldog features iconic colors and decors, with rolling wheels and spinning propellers.   He comes with a universal connector in his belly to allow him to be attached to Disney Planes accessories and play sets.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Disney Planes Knock off Lego Duplo Dusty and Chug Playset - Unboxing

Fuel up and take off into the skies with Dusty Crophopper and his buddy Chug in this knock off Disney Planes Lego Duplo Playset!  It already comes with Dusty, Chug, and his own fuel hose and wrench.  Help Dusty train for the big Disney Planes race. When Dusty runs out of fuel, get to the filling station fast. Use Chug's hose to refuel and get Dusty back to flying across the sky.

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