Thomas Land Japan Theme Park Full Tour 2016

Keith's Toy Box in Thomas Land Japan, Fuji-Q, Fujiyoshida.

May 2016

How to get there :

Take the highway bus from Shinjuku Busta Station to Fuji-Q.

After entering Fuji-Q theme park, follow the blue line to Thomas Land.

Attractions :

Thomas and Percy’s Fun Ride

The Great Gatagoto Adventure (Party Parade)

Rock n' Roll Duncan

Thomas Land 3D Theater

GO! GO! Bulstrode

Happy Harold

Mischievous Cranky

Everybody Twist

Exciting Cruise

Self-Drive Vehicles

Monuments :

Thomas’ Monument

Percy’s Monument

Wishing Falls

Thomas Maze


Restaurants :

K's Thomas Café

Mrs. Kyndley’s Kitchen

Lady Hatt’s Afternoon Tea

Shops :

Thomas Station Shop

Mr. Jolly’s Chocolate Shop

Elsbridge Photo Studio

Visit the official website at :

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