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Friday, February 9, 2018

Thomas and Friends Running Mini Trains Coasters Climb Track きかんしゃトーマス 走れ...

Watch Thomas and Percy climb up and then slide down in this fun playset without any need for batteries, the Thomas and Friends Running Mini Trains Track Set!  Just place the mini Thomas and Percy trains at the bottom of the steps and press the button repeatedly to watch them climb to the top!  Then from there slide back down the track! A lot of fun to watch without the need for batteries!

We ordered this toy from Japan via Buyee (

Thomas and Friends Toy Haul Plarail 3D Map Lets Go Adventure Giant

Check out this toy haul of RARE and hard to find Thomas and Friends playsets from Japan that we ordered via Buyee (   The haul includes:

1. Plarail Thomas and Friends 3D Map

- a three dimensional map where you can connect your plarail tracks!   Just open it and connect!

2. Plarail Thomas and Friends at the Docks with Cranky

- connect to your plarail tracks and control Thomas and Cranky using buttons and switches!

- Comes with 22 sounds and phrases

3. Thomas and Friends Let's Go Adventure Deluxe Playset

- watch Tomas and Percy go around tracks and spirals just by pushing buttons and switches without the need for batteries

4. Plarail Thomas and Friends Giant Thomas

- Connect it to you plarail tracks and roll your trains in!

- Unload coal to make real steam!

- comes with 41 different sounds and phrases

5. Thomas and Friends Mini Coaster

- Help Thomas and Percy climb to the top by pressing a button, then watch them slide back down.

6. Tomica Die Cast Thomas w Sir Topham Hatt

- a die cast Thomas train with an open top so you can let the included Sir Topham Hatt ride in it.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thomas and Friends SUPER STATION GIANT - holds over 100 engines!

GIANT Thomas & Friends Super Station.

Play with all types of Thomas and Friends engines in one set!  Watch how this Thomas and Friends Super Station works with Thomas & Friends Adventures, TrackMaster, MINIS and Wooden Railway engines!  Holding over 100 engines, the Super Station comes with a real-working turntable with stop track lever, a helipad for Harold, and a real-working Cranky the Crane!  Change the layout to fit any space, including a flat layout, racetrack and compact one. Connect to other track sets with the included adapter pieces to for bigger and multiple layouts!

3 Thomas & Friends Journey Beyond Sodor TrackMaster Steelworks Hurricane...

Meet the newest characters in the latest Thomas and Friends movie Journey Beyond Sodor!  There's Steelworks Thomas, Steelworks Hurricane and Merlin the Invisible!

Steelworks Thomas -  includes two cargo cars, removable I-beam cargo, and features unique soot-covered designs on his face, cab, and tank

Steelworks Hurricane - with a distinct look, comes with two cargo cars, each with a cauldron of molten steel that rocks back and forth as the cars move forward!

Merlin the Invisible - with a distinct, shiny exterior,  also comes with two cargo cars – one coal bin and a machinery car with gears and a piston.  When the car moves forward, the gears turn and the piston pumps!

Thomas and Friends JOURNEY BEYOND SODOR Trackmaster Scrapyard Escape Set Motorized

Relive the excitement of the Scrapyard with this Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Motorized Railway Scrapyard Escape Set, based on the movie Journey Beyond Sodor!  Thomas goes up towards the moss-covered ledge, and just when it looks like he can't go any further, the cables drop to provide a safe crossing! He enters the Scrapyard shack, where a large machine cog falls into his cargo car. He speeds forward, but there's a gap in the tracks! At the final moment, a ramp shoots out from beneath the shack so Thomas and get down!  

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Train Set...

Discover Sodor with the My First Thomas and Friends Railway Pals Destination Discovery Interactive Train Set!  With over 40 track pieces, it comes with all your favorite places at Sodor including Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford Station, and McCall's Farm!  It also comes with Percy the train, a cargo truck and 2 cargo pieces!  Nine interactive activation points allow you to roll Percy over them to hear sounds and phrases!  Learn about colors, shapes, numbers and directions!  Connect to other Railway Pals Track Sets to build multiple layouts!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thomas and Friends 2017 Happy Meal Toys McDonalds Complete Set

Thomas & Friends (Thomas the Tank Engine) 2017 Happy Meal Toys from McDonalds - April 2017 Asian Release complete collection featuring :

1.) Thomas

2.) Percy

3.) Harold

4.) Hiro

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Great Race : Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Railway Race Day

Speed to the finish line at the Great Race with the Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Railway Race Day,  just like in the 2016 movie : Thomas & Friends The Great Race! Set up the racing tracks side by side, stack the starting gate, and add the archways at the finish line, using the included sticker sheet to add detail to the set. Then, set Thomas and Gordon on their marks and lift the levers to send them zooming toward the finish line! When the race is over, rebuild the Sodor Speedway to create a big bridge that Thomas and Gordon can go chugging up and over!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Toy Shopping in Tokyo, Japan - Part 2 : Plarail Shop

This is the second part of our series on Toy Shopping in Tokyo.

After our visit to Tomica Shop, our next stop was Plarail Shop right next to it.  Tomica and Plarail are both made by Takara Tomy so it's no surprise they're right next to each other.  They actually even have playsets that let you connect them to each other via railroad crossings.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Thomas Land Japan Theme Park Full Tour 2016

Keith's Toy Box in Thomas Land Japan, Fuji-Q, Fujiyoshida.

May 2016

How to get there :

Take the highway bus from Shinjuku Busta Station to Fuji-Q.

After entering Fuji-Q theme park, follow the blue line to Thomas Land.

Attractions :

Thomas and Percy’s Fun Ride

The Great Gatagoto Adventure (Party Parade)

Rock n' Roll Duncan

Thomas Land 3D Theater

GO! GO! Bulstrode

Happy Harold

Mischievous Cranky

Everybody Twist

Exciting Cruise

Self-Drive Vehicles

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

50 Thomas and Friends Minis Blind Bag Mega Pack - Unboxing Demo Review

This Thomas and Friends mega-pack comes with a humongous assortment of 50 MINIS in multiple themes and styles. From Classic to Racing, Supers to Spooky, Dino to Robot, Neon to Monochrome, all your favorite Thomas and Friends MINIS engines are here, plus exclusive to this pack: five "Warrior Engine" MINIS! The pack includes 50 MINIS in all, including such popular characters as Thomas, Percy, James, Gator, Diesel, Victor, Toby, Millie and more! Collect 'em, race 'em, trade 'em and use your imagination to create really unique adventures for these Really Useful engines!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Toy Shopping in Hong Kong - Part 1 : Komodo Kidz, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen

If you're in Hong Kong and plan to do some toy shopping for babies or toddlers, this is definitely one stop you need to make.

Komodo Kidz has a limited range of toys, mostly just for babies and toddlers, but everything they have is ON SALE.  Their popular lines include Chuggington, Thomas and Friends (Wooden Railway sets), Lamaze, ThinkFun, ALEX, the First Years and some others.  Komodo Kidz is the licensed distributor of these brands in Hong Kong.  If any of their brands interest you (or your kids), then the trip to their shop (more like an office) is worth the hassle.

Chuggington Die-cast and Chuggington Motorized at 50% OFF
Chuggington Die-cast and Chuggington Motorized at 50% - 70% OFF

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thomas and Friends Collectible Railway Percy Mail Delivery Unboxing Demo...

Deliver the mail at Sodor with Thomas & Friends™ Collectible Railway™ Percy's mail delivery basic starter set. It features a simple track layout and includes a durable die-cast Collectible Railway™ Percy engine.  Create your own story for hours of fun as Percy rides on!

Monday, May 11, 2015

11 Thomas Friends Mega Bloks Trains Thomas James Percy Gordon Henry Diesel

Be a really useful engine with these 11 Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks buildable engines!  With Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Toby, Diesel, Rosie, Scruff, and Salty.

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Tobys Windmill Unboxing Demo Review

Guide Toby along his branch line with this and have him visit his favorite place on the Island of Sodor with the Thomas and Friends Toby’s Windmill playset by Mega Bloks. Toby loves the old Miller’s windmill, and when he helped rebuild it after a terrible storm, the miller renamed it “Toby’s Windmill”. Build and rebuild Toby’s Windmill and have Toby visit his favourite place again and again in any number of ways.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair - Unboxing & Review

Take Thomas for a an exhilarating ride in a real-working ferris wheel in this fun Mega Bloks Thomas at the Sodor Fair Playset! This 38 piece set already includes a decorated and buildable Thomas and a real working, spinning ferris wheel, plus tracks to race Thomas race down the ramps!  Ride all the trains ont he Ferris Wheel and even Sir Topham Hatt himself!  Build and rebuild the Sodor Fair to make each Thomas and Friends visit unique!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Buildable Scruff with Bridge Unboxing

Scrunch, smash, and pull rubbish carts with this Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks buildable Scruff!   Scruff is a dirty engine who loves to scrunch, smash, and pull rubbish carts with Whiff all day at his waste dump.

- 6 pcs Buildable Scruff the Scruncher for lots of fun at Whiff's Waste Dump

- Real working wheels to rumble across the included bridge

- Combines with other Mega Bloks buildable trains including Percy, Rosie, and Diesel to expand your Thomas World!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Thomas and Friends Lego Duplo Annie Clarabel Knock Off Set - Unboxing & Review

Have fun being a really useful engine with the THOMAS AND FRIENDS KNOCK OFF LEGO DUPLO Playset!  This set already comes with a motorised Thomas the Tank Engine with lights and sounds, and a passenger coach like Annie or Clarabel, and 2 figures.  With over 47 pieces there are many ways to build and rebuild!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Cranky The Crane and Salty - Unboxing Revi...

Get busy working at the docks with the Thomas and Friends Mega Bloks Cranky and buildable Salty!  Help Cranky the Crane lift heavy objects and move them around for loading or repair!  With over 35 pieces the set provides many ways to build! Combine with other Thomas and Friends play sets from Mega Bloks for hours of endless possibilities!

- Buildable Cranky the Crane character and Salty the train character.

- Cranky the crane features a real working crane arm with hand crank to raise and lower his hoisting rope.

- Combine with Thomas and Friends, other characters and playsets to create your own Thomas world!

- Build and rebuild for hours of endless play.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Thomas & Friends Mega Bloks Set - Cranky

Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Thomas & Friends Mega Bloks Set - Cranky
Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Thomas & Friends Mega Bloks Set - Cranky
We chanced upon this Thomas & Friends Mega Bloks set on SALE at Toys R' Us in Eastwood Mall in the Philippines.  While lots of Mega Bloks Thomas & Friends toys are currently on sale, most stores only have the individual trains and the Toby's Windmill set.  Luckily, we dropped by Toys R' Us in Eastwood Mall and found this on their shelves!

From an original retail price of P 1,799.75, we got it for only P 1,000.  It was the last piece for this particular set in the store and the box was a little beat up so we had to buy it "as-is".

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