Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Toy Haul Sea Patroller Pup Pad Vehicles Pup Packs ...

Go on exciting sea rescue missions with the latest collection of Paw Patrol Sea Patrol toys!  The haul includes:

1. Sea Patroller - transforms from land to sea vehicle in one motion

2. Sea Patrol Transforming Vehicles -  with Sea Patrol Pups

    - Chase's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Marshall's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Rubble's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Rocky's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Zuma's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Skye's Sea Patrol Vehicle

3. Sea Patrol Pup Pad - comes with 6 unique animated mission cards to take you to exciting sea rescue missions.

4. Sea Patrol Light Up Pup Packs - with pups in Sea Patrol uniform, light up pup packs and unique animated mission cards that work with the Sea Patrol Pup pad

    - Chase's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Marshall's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Rubble's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Rocky's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Zuma's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Skye's Light Up Pup Pack

Available at Amazon here:

Sea Patroller:

Chase's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Marshall's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Rubble's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Rocky's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Zuma's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Skye's Sea Patrol Vehicle:

Sea Patrol Pup Pad:

Chase's Light Up Pup Pack:

Marshall's Light Up Pup Pack:

Rubble's Light Up Pup Pack:

Rocky's Light Up Pup Pack:

Zuma's Light Up Pup Pack:

Skye's Light Up Pup Pack:

A Paw Patrol unboxing demo and review by Keith's Toy Box.

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