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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Sea Rescue Vehicle || K...

Go on exciting sea rescue missions with the Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Transforming Sea Patroller!  It transforms from ship to land vehicle in one smooth motion!  It also comes with lights and sounds, Ryder's ATV, a Ryder figure, an exploration cage, a baby octopus, a buoy launcher, buoys, and anchor.  

- The Sea Patroller uses drop-down wheels to transform from ship to land vehicle, to take pups on new and exciting missions!

- Lift Ryder out of sticky situations with the moveable crane and attachable cage. Once on board, send him down the ramp on to land with his Rescue ATV.

- Use flashing lights and sounds to keep the Adventure Beach safe, and the lifesaver launcher to rescue anyone in distress, including the baby octopus.

- Paw Patrol Sea Patroller is for ages 3+ and requires 3 LR44 button cell batteries (included).

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Toy Haul Sea Patroller Pup Pad Vehicles Pup Packs ...

Go on exciting sea rescue missions with the latest collection of Paw Patrol Sea Patrol toys!  The haul includes:

1. Sea Patroller - transforms from land to sea vehicle in one motion

2. Sea Patrol Transforming Vehicles -  with Sea Patrol Pups

    - Chase's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Marshall's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Rubble's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Rocky's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Zuma's Sea Patrol Vehicle

    - Skye's Sea Patrol Vehicle

3. Sea Patrol Pup Pad - comes with 6 unique animated mission cards to take you to exciting sea rescue missions.

4. Sea Patrol Light Up Pup Packs - with pups in Sea Patrol uniform, light up pup packs and unique animated mission cards that work with the Sea Patrol Pup pad

    - Chase's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Marshall's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Rubble's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Rocky's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Zuma's Light Up Pup Pack

    - Skye's Light Up Pup Pack

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