HOT WHEELS Workshop Track Builder 5-Lane Tower Starter Set - Unboxing and Review

Experience higher thrills with this visually spectacular HOT WHEELS Workshop Track Builder 5 Lane Tower Starter Set!  Race five cars in four different directions at the same time!  Speed through flames and compete in a furious side-by-side race. This cool tower features multiple places for even more tracks to connect.  Dream it and build it!

This set came with 1 Vendetta model car.  Other models tried are Scoopa di Fuego, Chicane, Formul8r, Monoposto, Cadillac Cien, Golden Arrow.  

Sells for about US$25-US$30 at Toys R Us, Amazon, Mattel Shop and Walmart

A Hot Wheels toy review, unboxing and demo of toys for boys by Keith's Toy Box.

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