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Sunday, April 9, 2017

PJ Masks Deluxe Vehicles Owlette Owl Glider Gekko Catboy Just Play Toy R...

Fly into action with the PJ masks deluxe owl glider! hear phrases from your favorite hero and see the headlights light up as you fly "into the night to save the day".  roll the owl glider or push the tail to activate the flapping wing action as seen in the show.  Vehicle comes with 3" articulated Owlette figure and can accommodate all three PJ masks 3" figures.

- Vehicle headlights light up!

- Features fun sounds and phrases from the show

- Vehicles works with all PJ Masks 3 inch figures

- Vehicles can seat up to 3 figures at once

PJ Masks Gekko Deluxe Gekko Mobile with Lights and Sounds Vehicle Just P...

The PJ Masks Deluxe Gekko Mobile Vehicle Features:

Swim into action with the PJ masks deluxe Gekko mobile! hear phrases from your favorite hero and see the headlights light up as you slide "into the night to save the day".   roll the Gekko mobile to activate the moving tail and flipping fin action as seen in the show. Vehicle comes with 3" articulated Gekko figure and can accommodate all three PJ masks 3" figures.

PJ Masks deluxe Vehicles Catboy Cat-Car Gekko Mobile Owlette Owl Glider...

Collect all three vehicles including Gekko's Gekko-Mobile and Owlette's Owl-Glider for the ultimate PJ Masks experience.

Vehicle headlights light up!

- Features fun sounds and phrases from the show

- Vehicles works with all PJ Masks 3 inch figures

- Vehicles can seat up to 3 figures at once

Chuggington Die-Cast Chugger Championship Revin Race Railway Deluxe Play...

Start at the gate. Zoom through the crank launcher. Win the trophy. The Chugger Championship Rev'n Race Deluxe Playset includes Chugger Championship Koko. This kid powered set does not require batteries. Place Koko in the automatic gate and start cranking to watch her zoom through the track. When Koko wins the trophy pops up as she completes a victory lap and refuels at the fuel depot. This huge set has a layout over 4 feet long. Also works with other Chugger Championship Die-Cast Engines and regular Chuggington Die-Cast Engines.

Chuggington Die Cast Training Yard with Loop Wilson Train Tomy Toy Unbox...

The Training Yard with Loop Playset is truly an action-packed experience! Engines can plummet down the spiral track, through the launcher to pick up speed to ensure they make it safely around the exciting 360° loop! Motorized engine launcher propels up to three engines through the loop. Features realistic Chuggington sounds, and includes a die-cast Wilson engine and Vee figure. Enjoy the action-packed train play with Chuggington Die-Cast! With its wide assortment of collectible characters and exciting playsets, children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or new adventures. Please note: This set does not include the new redesigned stackable track. However, it is compatible with the new Chuggington Die-Cast sets.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

PJ Masks Haul Headquarters Cat Car Gekko Mobile Owl Glider Duet Figures Clothes Pyjamas Bags

Watch our latest haul - a box full of PJ Masks toys and items! Which one would you like us to feature first?  Tell us in the comments below!

- PJ Masks Headquarters Playset
- Catboy's Cat-Car
- Gekko's Gekko-Mobile
- Owlette's Owl-Glider
- Catboy and Remeo Duet Figures
- Gekko and Night Ninja Duet Figures
- Owlette and Luna Girl Gekko Figures
- PJ Masks Backpack
- PJ Masks Pyjama Sets
- PJ Masks T-shirts

PJ Masks Duet Figures Catboy Gecko Owlette Romeo Night Ninja Luna Girl U...

Go on night time adventures with the PJ Masks Duet Figures!  Catboy and Romeo,  Gecko and Night Ninja, and Owlette and Luna Girl!  These 3 inch figures are articulated Include fun bonus accessories like Romeo's teleporter, Night Ninja's sticky splat, and Luna Girl's  luna magnet,  perfect for recreating night time adventures!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Lego Chain Reactions by Klutz - Teach your Bricks New Tricks - Unboxing

Play with your Lego bricks like you've never played with them before with the LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit from Klutz!  This one-of-a-kind activity book will teach your bricks new tricks by building amazing moving machines using bricks from your own collection!  Each machine alone is awesome, but put them together and you get incredible chain reactions!  It also comes with over 30 essential Lego pieces like balls, string, etc that you need to build all the amazing machines, even special paper components.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

50 Thomas and Friends Minis Blind Bag Mega Pack - Unboxing Demo Review

This Thomas and Friends mega-pack comes with a humongous assortment of 50 MINIS in multiple themes and styles. From Classic to Racing, Supers to Spooky, Dino to Robot, Neon to Monochrome, all your favorite Thomas and Friends MINIS engines are here, plus exclusive to this pack: five "Warrior Engine" MINIS! The pack includes 50 MINIS in all, including such popular characters as Thomas, Percy, James, Gator, Diesel, Victor, Toby, Millie and more! Collect 'em, race 'em, trade 'em and use your imagination to create really unique adventures for these Really Useful engines!

Disney Pixar Cars Imaginext Mack Hauler Launcher Lightning McQueen 2 Pack - Unboxing

Jump start your race with the Cars 2 Fisher-Price Imaginext Disney Pixar Cars 2 Vehicles 2-Pack - Mack Hauler Launcher and Lightning McQueen! Just Place McQueen inside Mack Hauler, lift the top half of the trailer and watch McQueen zoom out!   An awesome addition to your Cars toys that will make racing fun!

Available in Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Imaginext-Exclusive-Lightning-McQueen/dp/B0057ILS5G/?tag=thewanfulworo-20

Monday, January 4, 2016

Paw Patrol Zuma Bath Adventure Nickeloden - Unboxing Demo Review

Dive into adventure with the Paw Patrol Zuma Bath Adventure Playset. This action-packed pup is a Chocolate Labrador who loves to laugh and surf. Now you can have underwater bath time adventures with him and his trusty submarine. Its propellers automatically spin when you move the sub through the water. Rescue the two anchors from the depths of your bathwater with the submarine's claw. Then squeeze Wally's soft belly and make him squirt out bathwater.

Paw Patrol Everest Rescue Snowmobile Nickelodeon - Unboxing Demo

Ice or snow, I'm ready to go!  Save the day with Everest in her Rescue Snowmobile!    It has moving claws on the front to clear the road!  Let Everest ride inside her snow plow and push through the snow with no problem at all! With real working treads, Everest's Snow Plow Vehicle gets her where she needs to go!  Plow big with the rest of the Paw Patrol by collecting the entire line of Paw Patrol vehicles.

Paw Patrol Lookout Playset w Chase Police Cruiser - Unboxing Demo Review

The Paw Patrol Look-Out is the ultimate HQ with a real working elevator, lights and sounds and wrap around slide! Search Adventure Bay using the real working Periscope! It rotates a full 360-degrees!  Send Ryder down the real working fire pole!  It even comes with a Paw Patrol badge that we can press for different sounds and music from the show!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Lego Shell Ferrari 250 GTO 2014 V Power Collection 40192 - Unboxing

Ready, set, build the iconic Ferrari 250 GTO with the LEGO Shell V Power 2014 Collection. It boasts of the most compact pull-back motor designed by LEGO, allowing it to go as far 2 meters in a single pull!   The 250 GTO is one of the rarest Ferrari models in the world, with only 39 ever made. Collect all models in the series!

Lego Shell Ferrari F12berlinetta 2014 V Power Collection 40191 - Unboxing

Ready, set, build your own Ferrari f12berlinetta!  This is part of the Limited Edition Lego Shell V-Power Collection in 2014 and features one of the most compact pull back motors ever designed by LEGO, allowing it to go as far as 2 meters on a single pull-

-44 bricks are used in this model

-for ages 6 and uip

-Debuted in 2012, the F12berlinetta is powered by a 730 BHP naturally aspirated V12, and was Ferrari’s fastest ever road car.

Lego Shell 2014 V Power Collection Ferrari F12 berlinetta, 250 GTO, F138, 512 S 40190 40191 40192 40

Ready, set, build with the complete set of 7 2014 Shell V-Power Lego Collection!  Created in collaboration with Ferrari and LEGO, the Shell V-Power LEGO Collection introduced six new exciting models in 2014. The collection was available only at Shell Stations and includes four iconic Ferrari cars that boast of the most compact pull-back motor designed by LEGO, allowing them to go as far 2 meters in a single pull!  It also includes a Finish Line and Podium with a Scuderia Ferrari Engineer LEGO Minifigure, and a Shell Station modelled after the one at Fiorano circuit, Scuderia Ferrari’s private racetrack in Maranello, with a Shell Scientist LEGO Minifigure.  Finally, there is a Shell Tanker modeled after the classic tanker.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Robocar Poli Diecast Poke Rody Spooky - Unboxing Demo Review

Go on adventures at Robocar's Broomstown with the diecast Poke, Rody and Spooky!  Poke is an excavator while Rody is an electric car.  Spooky is the town's tow truck.     These are made of heavy duty diecast metal and nontransforming.  For more fun combine them with the rest of the Robocar Poli characters Poli, Roy, Amber, Helly, and others!  Play with them in the Robocar Poli Playsets such as the Rescue Center Headquarters, Car Wash or Recycle Center!

- heavy duty diecast metal, with details just like in the show

- non-transforming

- compatible with Robocar Poli Playsets Rescue Center Headquarters, Recycle Center, Car Wash.

Robocar Poli Recycle Center Playset Cleany - Unboxing Demo Review

Keep the neighborhood clean and neat with Cleany's Robocar Poli Recycle Center Playset! It comes with its own recycling machine that holds crates and releases them with recycled materials!  There's also a sorting shed to make sorting and dumping easy!  Easy to build, the track also joins perfectly with the Robocar Poli Headquarters Rescue Center Playset and Poli's Carwash Center!

Robocar Poli Mini Transforming Robot 로보카 폴리 - Unboxing Demo Review

Rescue those in need at Broomstown with this Robocar Poli Mini Transforming Robot!  Made especially for little hands, this robot transforms from a robot to a car and back to a robot just like in the show!  It's also compatible with Robocar Poli playsets!

- Mini Robocar Poli Transforming Robot measures  5.9 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

- Transforms from Robot to Car to Robot just like in the show!

- Compatible with playsets, Rescue Center, Car Wash, Recycle Center, etc.

Robocar Poli Rescue Center Headquarters Playset 로보카 폴리 w Roy Amber Helly...

Save the day from your very own command center with the Robocar Poli Rescue Center Headquarters Playst!  Including die-cast Helly,  this rescue center is fully loaded with garages for each of the vehicles Poli, Roy, and Amber, and a helipad for Helly!  With lots of tracks, you can lay it out any way you want!

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