Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Chuggington Die-Cast Trains at 50% off

Chuggington Die-Cast Trains
Chuggington Die-Cast Trains at 50% off
We found these Chuggington Die-Cast Toy Trains at 50% off in Toys R' Us and Toy Kingdom stores in Manila, Philippines.  There are usually very few stocks left and they don't have new ones arriving anymore.  Try to visit different stores to find the Chuggington characters you're looking for.  We managed to snag several trains including Speedy McAllister, Mtambo, Action Chugger, Chatsworth, Zephie, Hoot, Toot, Harrison, Irving, Dunbar, Frostini and his ice cream trucks.

Others also available are Old Puffer Pete, Brewster, Wilson, Koko, Calley, Jet Pack Wilson, Mtambo's Carriage and few other special cars.

Most characters are fixed with no moving parts (except for the wheels) but a select few have special features like Action Chugger (wings open), Zephie (body moves up and can twist around), Frostini (side door opens up) and his ice cream trucks (the door slides sideways to reveal ice cream!), Mtambo (roof raises to reveal seats for tour passengers).

We couldn't find Emery and Hodge locally so we had to order them online.

They're very detailed and durable toys and make great toys for little boys.  You can use them with the rest of the die-cast Chuggington sets and they can be interconnected.

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