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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Chuggington Die-Cast Chugger Championship Revin Race Railway Deluxe Play...

Start at the gate. Zoom through the crank launcher. Win the trophy. The Chugger Championship Rev'n Race Deluxe Playset includes Chugger Championship Koko. This kid powered set does not require batteries. Place Koko in the automatic gate and start cranking to watch her zoom through the track. When Koko wins the trophy pops up as she completes a victory lap and refuels at the fuel depot. This huge set has a layout over 4 feet long. Also works with other Chugger Championship Die-Cast Engines and regular Chuggington Die-Cast Engines.

Chuggington Die Cast Training Yard with Loop Wilson Train Tomy Toy Unbox...

The Training Yard with Loop Playset is truly an action-packed experience! Engines can plummet down the spiral track, through the launcher to pick up speed to ensure they make it safely around the exciting 360° loop! Motorized engine launcher propels up to three engines through the loop. Features realistic Chuggington sounds, and includes a die-cast Wilson engine and Vee figure. Enjoy the action-packed train play with Chuggington Die-Cast! With its wide assortment of collectible characters and exciting playsets, children can recreate favorite Chuggington episodes or new adventures. Please note: This set does not include the new redesigned stackable track. However, it is compatible with the new Chuggington Die-Cast sets.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Toy Shopping in Tokyo, Japan - Part 3 : Chuggington Shop

This is the second part of our series on Toy Shopping in Tokyo.

We've been looking for anything Chuggington for quite a while - be it a shop, theme park or any other kind of attraction.  The closest we could find was the the Chuggington Live! in Singapore.  Aside from that, we couldn't find anything else.

To our pleasant surprise though, as we were walking around Odaiba, Minato in Japan, we chanced upon a poster of the Chuggington Shop in Fuji TV building!  We didn't even know there was one, despite our Google searches.  So, we happily made our way to the 7th Floor and were greeted immediately greeted with Vee at the entrance!
Vee at the entrance of Chuggington Shop in Odaiba, Japan
Vee at the entrance of Chuggington Shop in Odaiba, Japan

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chuggington Portable Double Decker Roundhouse Tomy Unboxing Demo Review

Chug along to new heights with the Chuggington Portable Double Decker Roundhouse! This iconic centerpiece of the show comes with a real working turntable that rises to the second level and spins 360 degrees! It also comes with Brewster!  Then use the roundhouse as a carry case to store all your trains and tracks and take them with you!   It's traintastic fun!

Plarail Giant Large Train Maintenance Station Repair Shed by Takara Tomy...

Get busy repairing trains with this Plarail Large Train Maintenance Station by Takara Tomy!  With 4 lanes and 8 gates, it's a giant playset with moving lever arms for repairing trains and even a train wash with blinking lights!      Fill the station with 4 trains at a time for lots of busy repair work!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Chuggington Motorised Railway Trainee Roundhouse - Unboxing Demo Review

Play in your own Chuggington Roundhouse with the Motorised Railway Trainee Roundhouse!  Use your imagination and create your own stories in this beautiful roundhouse!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Tomica Train Station and Crossing Set Takara Tomy w Lightning McQueen Unboxing & Review

Combine the fun of trains and cars with this Tomica Train Station and Crossing Set by Takara Tomy!  This set lets you connect your Tomica cars tracks with your Plarail blue tracks.  Use the motorized ramp to bring the cars up and slide down the circular ramp!  Bring trains into the train station with your very own train crossing with automatic boom barriers!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

19 Chuggington Die-Cast Startrack Trains : Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Action Chugger, Frostini and more trains

Ride the rails with your favorite CHUGGINGTON DIE CAST trains Wilson, Brewster, Koko, Harrison, Hoot, Toot, Zephie, Irving, Frostini, his ice cream cars,Olwin, Emery, Hodge, Speedy McAllister, Mtambo, Dunbar, Action Chugger, and Chatsworth!  Spin around and scissor up and down with Zephie, or make ice cream with Frostini!  With realistic detail very close to the show, these die casts are durable and can withstand years of rough play. Connect them all together with the secure front and back couplings.  Play with Chuggington Die-Cast track sets for endless possibilities!

4 Chuggington Die Cast Startrack Koko Brewster Action Chugger Frostini ...

Ride the rails with your favorite CHUGGINGTON DIE CAST Startrack trains Koko, Brewster, Action Chugger and Frostini!  Speed the rails with Koko or make your own ice cream with Frostini!  With realistic detail very close to the show, these die casts are durable and can withstand years of play. Connect them together with the secure front and back couplings.  Play with Chuggington Die Cast Startrack sets for endless possibilities!

CHUGGINGTON CARRY CASE PLAYMAT Die Cast Startrack Wilson - Unboxing, Demo & Review

Tote and play your train collection everywhere you go with this Chuggington Carrry Case Playmat!  The carry case looks like a giant Wilson.  It's light weight with durable padded material and amazing details of Wilson on the front, sides, top and under.   Lay it out flat and use the playmat of the Chuggington world!  With spacious stoarge to hold trains and tracks.   Already includes 1 die-cast Wilson.

Monday, March 16, 2015

CHUGGINGTON TRAINTASTIC LAPTOP Wilson Vtech - Unboxing, Demo & Review

It's training time!  Have fun learning letters and numbers with the Chuggington Traintastic Laptop by Vtech!  This beautiful looking laptop has 40 activities in 5 categories. It helps teach letters, numbers, shapes, logic, and memory.   Choose a category by turning Wilson at the turntable. Select your answer using the arrows buttons or type directly.  Choose adventure mode to play as a Chuggington character!  With help button, answer button, volume and brightness adjustment.   Requires 3 AA batteries.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Chuggington Die-Cast Trains at 50% off

Chuggington Die-Cast Trains
Chuggington Die-Cast Trains at 50% off
We found these Chuggington Die-Cast Toy Trains at 50% off in Toys R' Us and Toy Kingdom stores in Manila, Philippines.  There are usually very few stocks left and they don't have new ones arriving anymore.  Try to visit different stores to find the Chuggington characters you're looking for.  We managed to snag several trains including Speedy McAllister, Mtambo, Action Chugger, Chatsworth, Zephie, Hoot, Toot, Harrison, Irving, Dunbar, Frostini and his ice cream trucks.

Others also available are Old Puffer Pete, Brewster, Wilson, Koko, Calley, Jet Pack Wilson, Mtambo's Carriage and few other special cars.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chuggington Takara Tomy Plarail Brewster with Bridge Starter Set - Unboxing & Review

It's training time! Ride the rails with Brewster in this CHUGGINGTON TAKARA TOMY PLARAIL Brewster with Bridge Starter Set.  Fans of Chuggington will have fun letting Brewster go up and down the included bridge, making a stop at the station shed  with Morgan, or turning into the roundhouse shed.  Includes Brewster (requires 1 AA battery) and Morgan.    Combine with other Plarail blue tracks for hours of fun possibilities!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Toy Sale in Manila, Philippines 2015 : Mega Bloks Chuggington Trains at 50% off

Mega Bloks Chuggington Trains Toy Sale - Wilson
Mega Bloks Chuggington Trains Toy Sale - Wilson
We spotted these Mega Bloks Chuggington Construction Toy Trains on SALE at 50% off in Toys R' Us stores in Manila, Philippines.  They are also being sold at the same discounted price in Toy Kingdom at SM Malls.  From the original price of P 599.75, they are now down to P 300.00 each.  There seems to be very limited stocks already and not all characters are available.  Usually just a couple per store.

As far as we know, this series features only Wilson, Brewster, Koko and Old Puffer Pete sold as individual trains.  Action Chugger, Calley and Jet Pack Wilson are only available as part of play sets.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Chuggington Takara Tomy Plarail Brewster with Action Clock Tower Play Set - Unboxing and Review

Climb to the top of Chuggington's iconic clock tower and fly down with Action Chugger in this perfectly timed CHUGGINGTON Takara Tomy Plarail Brewster with Action Clock Tower play set!  Already including Brewster and Eddie, this remarkable set lets you recreate the popular show where Eddie races up the clock tower.  Just place Eddie in the included passenger car to let Brewster automatically send him down the chute and up the clock tower where Action Chugger will pick him up and bring him down, all with remarkable precision!  Brewster's wheels turn the gears of the clock tower which does not require any batteries.  Combine with other Takara Tomy Plarail sets for hours of endless possibilities!   23 pieces including 1 Brewster train, Eddie and 1 passenger car.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chuggington Mega Bloks Buildable Old Puffer Pete Unboxing Review

Relive the glory days of steam engines and build Old Puffer Pete, the oldest chugger in Chuggington! Old Puffer Pete by Mega Bloks is totally buildable with a cool wheelbase and spinning spectacles. You can build & roll on the ground or ride the rails, all to recreate the adventures of Chuggington!  Join Old Puffer Pete with his friends Wilson, Brewster and Koko and other Mega Bloks chuggers and playsets for endless possibilities!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

CHUGGINGTON MEGA BLOKS Jet Pack Adventure - Unboxing and Review

Blast-off to hours of chuggersonic adventure with Wilson and Action Chugger in this fast-paced CHUGGINGTON MEGA BLOKS Jet Pack Adventure Set! See Action Chugger and Wilson fly down the buildable sky-rail with their jet packs to see who will land first. Build and rebuild the iconic Clock Tower and Chuggington depo for loads of exciting action. Build the tracks through the buildings & ride the rails up to four levels high. With over 103 buildable pieces included in the set, the building possibilities are endless!    Combine with other Chuggington Mega Bloks characters and play sets to multiply the fun!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

CHUGGINGTON Mega Bloks Roundhouse Racing - Unboxing and Review

Chuggington Roundhouse from Mega Bloks
Chuggington Roundhouse from Mega Bloks

Ride the Rails and return home to the Chuggington Roundhouse by Mega Bloks! Launch both Brewster & Calley at the same time out of their Roundhouses for side-by-side racing, or build & play with the turntable, as the Chuggers arrive and depart from their Roundhouse. Discover even more building possibilities, as you rebuild the Roundhouse on 2 or 3 levels! With over 49 pieces, the Chuggington Roundhouse Racing Set guarantees endless hours of fun!

Set includes Brewster and Calley, but also fits other Mega Bloks Chuggington characters like Wilson, Koko, Old Puffer Pete and Action Chugger.

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