9 Minions Complete Set McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Despicable Me 2 - Unboxing

Rule the earth with the complete set of 9 McDonalds Happy Meal Minion Toys from the movie Despicable Me 2:

1. Dave Gadget Grabber - Dave is a kind and skinny, two-eyed minion with nicely combed hair parted in the middle. Slide the switch on Dave's grabber to start grabbing away!

2. Stuart Light-Up Grabber - Stuart is a playful one-eyed short Minion with combed hair.  Press the button behind Stuart and he starts grabbing away and lighting up at the same time!

3. Tom Googly Eyes Grabber -  Tom is a two-eyed minion with short buzz-cut hair and is usually seen dressed up as a maid.  Press the button behind Tom and he starts grabbing away and moving his eyes from side to side at the same time.

4. Tim Giggling - Tim is a tall two-eyed minion with Sprout Cut Hair. He is usually seen dressed as a dad. Shake Tim up and down and he starts giggling away!

5. Tim Giggle Grabber -  Press the button behind Tim to make him start grabbing and shake him up and down to make him laugh!

6. Evil Minion Noisemaker - Blow through the hole behind the tube to make the evil purple minion sound his whistle.

7. Jerry Breakdancing - Jerry is a short and plump minion with short buzz cut hair.  Wind the dial behind Jerry and put him on his head to make him start spinning around!

8. Evil Minion Chomper -  Pull down the lever behind the evil minion to make him start chomping away.

9.  Stuart Babbler Grabber - Press the button behind Stuart and he starts grabbing away and babbling at the same time!

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Complete Set: http://www.amazon.com/McDonalds-Despicable-Minion-WORLD-TOYS/dp/B00EL8JLRA/?tag=thewanfulworo-20/

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