6 Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups and Badges Marshall Chase Rubble Rocky Zum...

Go on exciting rescue missions in Adventure Bay with the Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups and Badges!   Play with each lovable Paw Patrol pup and work together as a team! Whether it’s Chase, Rubble, Skye, Rocky or Zuma, each pup has a unique push button transformation.   Wear their official badges and feel like an official member of the Paw Patrol on rescue missions!

- Marshall's Pup Pack unleashes fire fighting water cannons!

- Chase's Pup Pack unleashes a crowd-controlling megaphone and net!

- Rubble's Pup Pack unleashes a heavy-duty construction digger!

- Rocky's Pup Pack transforms into a garbage grabbing claw and a screwdriver!

- Zuma's Pup Pack transforms into an underwater jetpack!

- Skye's Pup Pack transforms into incredible highflying wings!

A Paw Patrol unboxing, demo and review by Keith's Toy Box.

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