Robocar Poli Diecast Poke Rody Spooky - Unboxing Demo Review

Go on adventures at Robocar's Broomstown with the diecast Poke, Rody and Spooky!  Poke is an excavator while Rody is an electric car.  Spooky is the town's tow truck.     These are made of heavy duty diecast metal and nontransforming.  For more fun combine them with the rest of the Robocar Poli characters Poli, Roy, Amber, Helly, and others!  Play with them in the Robocar Poli Playsets such as the Rescue Center Headquarters, Car Wash or Recycle Center!

- heavy duty diecast metal, with details just like in the show

- non-transforming

- compatible with Robocar Poli Playsets Rescue Center Headquarters, Recycle Center, Car Wash.

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A Robocar Poli unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keith's Toy Box.

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