Robocar Poli Mini Transforming Robot 로보카 폴리 - Unboxing Demo Review

Rescue those in need at Broomstown with this Robocar Poli Mini Transforming Robot!  Made especially for little hands, this robot transforms from a robot to a car and back to a robot just like in the show!  It's also compatible with Robocar Poli playsets!

- Mini Robocar Poli Transforming Robot measures  5.9 x 4.3 x 4.3 inches

- Transforms from Robot to Car to Robot just like in the show!

- Compatible with playsets, Rescue Center, Car Wash, Recycle Center, etc.

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Complete set with Roy, Amber and Helly here

A Robocar Poli unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keith's Toy Box.

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