Robocar Poli Rescue Center Headquarters Playset 로보카 폴리 w Roy Amber Helly...

Save the day from your very own command center with the Robocar Poli Rescue Center Headquarters Playst!  Including die-cast Helly,  this rescue center is fully loaded with garages for each of the vehicles Poli, Roy, and Amber, and a helipad for Helly!  With lots of tracks, you can lay it out any way you want!

- comes with Helly Die Cast Toy

- Garage launchers each for Poli, Roy, and Amber

- Helipad for Helly on the roof

- Lots of tracks and accessories for infinite possibilities!

- Rescue Center is also a storage case for the tracks and vehicles after play

- Product Size(W x H x L): This product measures 24 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm

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A Robocar Poli unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keith's Toy Box.

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