CHUGGINGTON MEGA BLOKS Jet Pack Adventure - Unboxing and Review

Blast-off to hours of chuggersonic adventure with Wilson and Action Chugger in this fast-paced CHUGGINGTON MEGA BLOKS Jet Pack Adventure Set! See Action Chugger and Wilson fly down the buildable sky-rail with their jet packs to see who will land first. Build and rebuild the iconic Clock Tower and Chuggington depo for loads of exciting action. Build the tracks through the buildings & ride the rails up to four levels high. With over 103 buildable pieces included in the set, the building possibilities are endless!    Combine with other Chuggington Mega Bloks characters and play sets to multiply the fun!

- Includes 4-part buildable Vee and 2 Chuggers: 8-part build able Jet pack Wilson and Action Chugger, both with mouth-movement for lots of fun!

- Cool buildable Jet-Pack for the Chuggers to fly through the customizable Sky-Rail!

- 2-in-1 Build and rebuild possibilities with a 4-storey Clock Tower and a 3-level train station!

- Build lots of different track configurations included in the playset!

- Hours of fun on its own or with other Mega Bloks Chuggington Construction sets.

Sells for US$45 - US$50 at Amazon, Walmart


A Mega Bloks Chuggington unboxing, review and demo of toys for boys from Keith's Toy Box.

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