Tomica Happy Parking Joy Takara Tomy 歡樂停車場 w Disney Cars Lightning McQue...

Send your cars up a real working elevator to the top of a 2-level parking with the Tomica Happy Parking playset!  Turn the dial to bring the elevator up, park your car, then let it slide down the fun ramp!   Park up to 4 cars! Comes with 1 car, no batteries needed!

- real working elevator to bring the car to the 2nd level

- slide down the fun ramp!

- parks up to 4 cars (3 on 2nd level, 1 on 1st level)

- comes with 1 car (Toyota Camry)

- batteries not required!

This is the Chinese version also known as 多美卡 歡樂停車場 or 欢乐停车场

A Takara Tomy Tomica unboxing, demo and review by Keith's Toy Box.

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