Tomica Highway Busy Drive Pursuit Playset Takara Tomy 高速道路 にぎやかドライブ - U...

Send your cars speeding down a two-lane highway with the Tomica Highway Busy Drive Playset from Takara Tomy.   Two motorized ramps will send them racing, including a fast lane!  Park up to 5 cars in the service area, and grab some refreshments at the restaurant and service corner!

- Exciting 2-lane highway

- 2 motorized ramps will send your cars speeding

- Take the fast-lane by pressing the fast-lane button

- Exit the highway to the Service Area with the exit button and stop over at the restaurant, shops and gas station

- Park up to 5 cars in the Service Area

- Requires 2 "C" size batteries (not included)

- Cars not included,  best played with Tomica Cars or any cars in 1:64 scale

In Japanese, this set is known as 高速道路 にぎやかドライブ