Hot Wheels Color Shifters Bubble-Matic Car Wash - Unboxing Demo Review

Transform your car's color and wash it clean with the Hot Wheels Color Shifters Bubble-Matic Car Wash!  Watch them transform color in the warm water Dunk tank, then change color again in the ice-cold Bubble Platform!  Comes with a motorized bubble station for good clean fun - and tons of bubbles!

- Give your Color Shifters car crazy color changes

- Changes color by adding just water and bubbles!

- Totally unique transformations with no two cars ever alike

- includes playset and 1 color shifter car, High Voltage

- requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included, bubble solution not included.

A Hot Wheels unboxing, demo and review by Keith's Toy Box.

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  1. I do not know about the the color shifter playsets but the cars themselves are amazing. They're really well built and are incredibly sturdy. The color shifting is very obvious as they change colors drastically unlike the older generations of color shifting toys were the color would change from a dark one to a light one. Here you really see the difference.

    My son has two of these and you can check em out at Hot Wheels Color Shifters and can also see the process of them changing colors.

    1. Yes, they're really awesome. Quite messy to play with, we have our son play with it in the shower or outdoors. :)

  2. Hi, Keith's Toy Box! You said that totally unique transformations with no two cars ever alike so do it mean that each of them is a different design?

    1. Yes, they have unique colors. Each car has 2 colors, and the combinations are unique per car. :)

  3. Oh, Keith's Toy Box! Thanks for your post! My son will love this hot wheels color shifters bubble-matic car wash very much.


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