Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mighty Minis Showdown Stadium - Unboxing Demo Review

Perform stunts in your own monster truck stadium with the Hot Wheels Monster Jam Mighty Minis Showdown Stadium!   With ramps and tracks, you can play solo or multi-player!  Try out the  spin-out zone, burst-through screen, giant launch ramp, pop-up flames, and champion pedestal for some monster mayhem!

- Monster Jam Mini Monsters are micro-sized but deliver mega-action!

- These figures offer a new scale and new thrills, performing stunts like never seen before

- The Monster Jam Mini Monster Showdown Stadium gives boys an entire world of Monster Jam to build and compete in

- Set in a World Finals Arena with ramps and tracks for both individual and multi-player action

- Includes Showdown Stadium, 1 vehicle and 1 Power Key Launcher

A Hot Wheels Mighty Minis unboxing, demo and review by Keith's Toy Box.

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