Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tomica Happy Parking Joy Takara Tomy 歡樂停車場 w Disney Cars Lightning McQue...

Send your cars up a real working elevator to the top of a 2-level parking with the Tomica Happy Parking playset!  Turn the dial to bring the elevator up, park your car, then let it slide down the fun ramp!   Park up to 4 cars! Comes with 1 car, no batteries needed!

- real working elevator to bring the car to the 2nd level

- slide down the fun ramp!

- parks up to 4 cars (3 on 2nd level, 1 on 1st level)

- comes with 1 car (Toyota Camry)

- batteries not required!

Super 3 in 1 Tomica Highway + Parking Building + Mountain Drive - 6 feet...

Race in the ultimate giant super 3 in 1 playset made of these 3 favorites:

1. Tomica World Highway Busy Drive  Pursuit

2. Super Auto Tomica Parking Garage Building

3. Tomica World Mountain Drive

Combined set is over 6 feet long!  Sets can be connected using the connectors that come with the individual playsets.  

Tomica Highway Busy Drive Pursuit Playset Takara Tomy 高速道路 にぎやかドライブ - U...

Send your cars speeding down a two-lane highway with the Tomica Highway Busy Drive Playset from Takara Tomy.   Two motorized ramps will send them racing, including a fast lane!  Park up to 5 cars in the service area, and grab some refreshments at the restaurant and service corner!

Tomica Mountain Drive Playset Takara Tomy トミカ峠 やまみちドライブ - Unboxing Demo ...

Drive up a mountain and swerve down exciting turns with the Tomica Mountain Drive Playset from Takara Tomy.  Race down the mountain through a tunnel, over a bridge and back down the parking lot and stop--over.  Connect it to the Tomica Parking Building Garage Building and the Highway Playset for more fun!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney Planes Avalanche Smoke Jumper Fire and Rescue Unboxing Demo Review

Fight fires with this large sized Smoke Jumper Avalanche from the Disney movie Planes Fire and Rescue!   Smoke Jumpers are the first line of defense when it comes to fighting fires. This all-terrain, heavy machinery vehicle knows how to get the job done! It can take any tough assignment, whether it’s re-creating scenes from the film, or venturing off on new missions. Plus, it is a vocal character! When you lift its arms, it makes sounds and says phrases from the movie like clutch-grinding and engine noises.

Chuggington Portable Double Decker Roundhouse Tomy Unboxing Demo Review

Chug along to new heights with the Chuggington Portable Double Decker Roundhouse! This iconic centerpiece of the show comes with a real working turntable that rises to the second level and spins 360 degrees! It also comes with Brewster!  Then use the roundhouse as a carry case to store all your trains and tracks and take them with you!   It's traintastic fun!

Paw Patrol Jumbo Action Pup Marshall Nickelodeon - Unboxing Demo Review

Save the day with the Paw Patrol Marshall Jumbo-sized pup with Jumbo-sized powers! Launch water cannons by placing them into his special backpack and press the release button to launch into some action! This huge pup is 6" tall and is ready to release his water cannons and save the day!

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